Solar Telescopes

Five types of solar telescopes on a Paramount-ME inside the Solar Observatory Dome

1. TMB-Apo 152/1200-CNC (White Light filter)

By using the most advanced glass types in fully optimized air-spaced triplet designs, TMB created optical systems that are simultaneously corrected for secondary color spectrum, coma, spherical and higher order aberrations.

All TMB triplet refractors use a very high homogeneity Super ED glass as the center element, full multi-coatings on all six surfaces, a fully temperature compensated lens cell, and zonal correcting non-equal internal radii. Optimizing these elements allow our lenses to satisfy the most serious planetary and deep space observer, as well as the most critical CCD or photographic user.

TMB lens systems are custom-fabricated to the unique designs and specifications by a Zeiss sub-contractor, one of the largest aerospace optical and exotic glass making firms in Russia. As they have their own glass making capabilities, our optical supplier can provide us with a full range of custom high quality modern glass types in apertures from 80mm to 20", a size that is unique in the field of apochromatic astronomical instrumentation.

These telescopes are designed to observe full disk of Sun in Continuum or White Light Spectrum, utlizing Baader's Visual Solar Film ND5.0.

Basic set
- optical tube
- 3.5" Starlight focuser
- Set CNC tube rings
- 2"/1.25" adapter
- 50mm finderbracket


Manufacturer TMB Coatings Fully Multicoated
Model 152mm/1200mm CNC Transmission 96+% total transmission
Aperture 152mm Focuser 3.5" Starlight focuser
Focal length 1200mm Tube diameter 6.69 inch
Bandwidth Max 2.2Å Dew shield diameter 7.72 inch
F-Ratio f/7.9 Tube length 47.64 inch
Colour white cream Tube Length 51.75"
Weight 29.04 lbs Weight with Accessories 41.6 lbs
Optical Design TMB Super Triplet Apo Weight without Accessories 36.6 lbs
Type of Lens Air Spaced SD Triplet

 TMB 152/1200 Lens cell
TMB 152/1200 Lens cell (APM-TMB)

The Sun in whitelight  
The Sun in whitelight using TMB APO-Refractor. 


2. Lunt LS60THa Double Stack (Hydrogen Alpha filter)

  • A 60mm f/8.3 dedicated solar telescope with additional 50mm aperture secondary removable filter.
  • Dual etalons with tilt-tuning allows for <0.55 Angstrom bandpass..
  • The LS60THa is equpped with a 2″  Feather Touch Focuser and a B1800 blocking filter.


3. Lunt LS152T (Hydrogen Alpha filter)

General Features:

  • 152 mm f/6 dedicated h-alpha telescope for professional results.
  • Internal etalon allows a <0.65 Angstrom bandpass.
  • True Doppler pressure tuning system for precision tuning adjustments.
  • The LS152THa includes a 2″ Starlight Instruments Feather Touch Focuser, Lunt Zoom eyepiece, aluminum case, mounting rings & dovetail and B3200 blocking filter.


4. Skywatcher Pro 80ED (with B1800 2" Straight-Through Tube Calcium K-Line filter)

Calcium K (Ca-K) filters are used to study the wavelength of 393.4 nm. This emission line is one of two that are produced by Calcium just at the edge of the visible spectrum, in a layer that is slightly lower and cooler than the layer viewed in Hydrogen-alpha. The emission line displays areas of super granulation cells that are brightest and strongest in areas of high magnetic fields, such as sunspot activity and active regions. 

Paired with a Skywatcher Pro 80ED telescope, we are able to observe the plagues surrounding sunspot groups and see how they affect each other.


5. Takahashi FSQ-106 

The FSQ-106 is a state-of-the-art fluorite refractor that sets a new standard for innovation and color correction. It is excellent as an astrograph, not exhibiting inherent problems with field curvature and astigmatism. Takahashi's modified Petzval design employs two widely separated rear elements to correct field curvature and astigmatism to produce a flat field, high contrast image without any hint of lateral color. This design produces an amazing 88mm image circle that will fully illuminate a 35, 645, or 6x7 medium format camera and vacuum back roll film holders. The 4" APO refractor has a built-in camera angle adjuster that permits 360° rotation of the camera, making the FSQ-106 the perfect astrograph. In fact, this outstanding instrument can be used with a 4x5 vacuum back camera! The exceptionally large image circle will permit the use of any CCD camera. The double fluorite design which forms an image free of any secondary color will produce exceptionally sharp, high contrast views of deep sky objects or total eclipses.

Takahashi FSQ-106 Telescope

Takahashi FSQ-106 Telescope (Takahashi)

Effective aperture Ø106mm Image Circle Ø88mm - Ø44mm w/Extender-Q
Focal Length 530mm - 850 w/Extender-Q Photographic Field 8.5° - 3° w/Extender-Q
Focal Ratio F/5.0 - F/8.0 w/Extender-Q Total Length of Main Tube 558mm
Light Grasp 229x Diameter of Main Tube Ø114mm
Resolution 1.10" Total weight of Main Tube 6kg (13.2lbs)
Limiting Magnitude 11.9 Finder Scope 7x50

This is multi-purpose telescope for viewing The Sun visually in whitelight and H-Alpha. This telescope can also be used for wideangle deep-sky imaging with the front solar filter removed.


MB 152/1200 APO

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