The 5m ObservaDOME

The surface of the 5m Observa-DOMES is mill finish aluminum and 3003 H-14 alloy. The design is truly hemispherical, that is, circular in both plan and elevation and is capable of continuous clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

The dome is constructed to survive wind velocities, including gusts to 200km/h with the shutters closed and in storage position. It is capable of normal operation with wind velocities of 48 km/h, including gusts from any direction with the shutters open. The domes are capable of normal operation in temperatures from -6° C to 46° C. The domes are fabricated so that they are not subject to solar detraction or corrosive detraction. Also, it is fabricated to incorporate adequate expansion joints to prevent thermal distortion and further are leak proof and watertight when subjected to rain as may be experienced in a tropical downpour.

This computer automation system will allow complete operation of both the Observa-DOME azimuth drive, and dome shutter systems via computer control. It will be capable of interfacing with telescopes using software such as Software Bisque’s “The Sky”, or other compatible software.


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